2024 Agenda

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  • Day One | Tuesday 14th May
  • Day Two | Wednesday 15th May
Day One | Tuesday 14th May

Registration, Breakfast and Networking


Chair’s Opening Remarks  

Michael Levy, CEO, Digital Health Institute for Transformation 


Keynote Panel Discussion: The Sweet Spot – Hybrid Care

As virtual-first care has become more integrated into care the popular opinion is that hybrid care is the most effective way which virtual-first care may embed itself. This panel will hone in on how we can optimize hybrid care, how we can create this as normal and necessary option within healthcare.

  • How can we enhance the integration of virtual-first care into existing healthcare systems, utilizing technological advancements and successful case studies to optimize efficiency?
  • How can we shift societal and industry perceptions to recognize hybrid care as a standard and essential healthcare option, focusing on patient and provider experiences, and employing effective communication strategies?
  • In addressing evolving patient needs, how does hybrid care offer a more patient-centric approach, improve healthcare access, and contribute to cost-effectiveness and resource optimization within healthcare systems?
  • What measures can be taken to promote collaboration among healthcare stakeholders, ensuring the development of interoperable systems that seamlessly combine virtual and traditional care components, while addressing challenges and establishing standards for a cohesive hybrid care experience?

Gaurav Shivhare, Head of Product, Virtual Care, CVSHealth 
Sarah Schneck, Executive Director of ChristianaCare Centre for Virtual Health, ChristianaCare 
Christopher LaCoe, Vice President, Virtual Health, Penn State Health 
Reena Bhargava, Medical Director of Digital Health, Telehealth, Virtual Care Health Care Delivery, Kaiser Permanente
Navi Mudahar, Director, Virtual Care, Blue Shield of California


Keynote Presentation: TBA


Morning Refreshments & Facilitated Networking 


Shark Tank Pitches 

Calling all Virtual-First Care Innovators!

Get ready for an exhilarating session as we bring back the much-anticipated Virtual-First Care Shark Tank! This is an opportunity to witness ground-breaking revolutionizing the virtual healthcare landscape.

Each innovative start-up will have a spotlight moment, with a dynamic 10-minute pitch that could change the game for virtual care. Picture this: a whirlwind of ideas, passion, and vision to transform the virtual healthcare space! After each pitch, hear from the panel of leading investors providing invaluable feedback in a lightning-fast 5-minute exchange!

This will then be followed by a 20 minute quick fire session with the investors providing guidance and advice to the start up community!

To be considered as a start-up please email your company bio to kate@greygreenmedia.com. Applications will close on March 25th.


Investor Panel:

Erika Seth Davies, CEO, Rhia Ventures
Investor TBA
Investor TBA


Lunch & Networking


Presentation Case Study 1: Medicaid Populations

This presentation will hone in on a crucial population – Medicaid, looking at how virtual-first care can best support these populations and create valuable and accessible care.

  • How can virtual-first care be tailored and optimized to best support Medicaid populations, addressing their unique needs and challenges to ensure accessible and valuable healthcare?
  • In what ways can virtual-first care models be designed to enhance accessibility for Medicaid beneficiaries, overcoming barriers and improving overall healthcare delivery for this crucial population?
  • How can virtual-first care not only provide accessible services but also create tangible value for Medicaid populations, improving health outcomes and overall satisfaction with healthcare services?

Matthew Lomeli, Medical Director, Telehealth & Patient Service Centre, AltaMed Health Services


Presentation Case Study 2: Rural Populations 

This presentation will look at how virtual-first care has proved an effective innovation for rural populations at Highmark Health.

  • How has virtual-first care demonstrated effectiveness as an innovative solution for addressing healthcare needs in rural populations, particularly within the context of Highmark Health’s experiences?
  • What specific challenges in rural healthcare are addressed by virtual-first care, and how has Highmark Health successfully implemented and navigated these solutions to enhance healthcare accessibility for rural communities?
  • In exploring Highmark Health’s experience, what key impact metrics and success indicators highlight the effectiveness of virtual-first care in improving healthcare outcomes and services for rural populations?

Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Health


Panel Discussion: All Populations Considered – How are We Ensuring Virtual-First Care is Designed with All Patient Populations in Mind 

It is crucial to ensure virtual-first care is providing value across all populations of patients. This panel will focus on the continuing challenges for patients, and look at how we can improve virtual-first care delivery and be creative when thinking of providing the most valuable and accessible care.

  • How can virtual-first care be intentionally designed to ensure equity across diverse patient populations, considering factors such as socioeconomic status, cultural backgrounds, and varying healthcare needs?
  • In what ways do ongoing challenges for patients in virtual-first care persist, and how can the healthcare industry proactively address and overcome these challenges to enhance overall patient experience?
  • What creative strategies and innovations can be employed to improve the delivery of virtual-first care, ensuring it remains valuable and accessible to a broad spectrum of patient populations?
  • How can we establish metrics and frameworks to measure the impact of virtual-first care across diverse patient groups, and what strategies can be implemented to make virtual-first care adaptable to the evolving needs of different populations over time?

Stacy Lloyd, Director of Digital Health & Operations, American Medical Association 
Tifanie Sbriscia, Director, Wound & Ostomy Care –  Telemedicine, VNA Health Group
Matthew Lomeli, Medical Director, Telehealth and Patient Service Centre, AltaMed Health Services
Joe Connolly, Co-founder & CEO, Visana Health 
Bonnie Feldman, Co-founder and Chief Patient Officer, Rheumission


Afternoon Break & Networking


Three Payer Perspectives on Virtual-First Care

A crucial part of the virtual-first care puzzle – payers. This is your chance to hear from a diversity of payers on how they are currently looking at virtual-first care, as well as to ask questions to these payers.

  • How are diverse payers currently approaching and evaluating virtual-first care, and what insights can be gained from their perspectives on the evolving landscape of healthcare payment models?
  • What are the specific challenges and opportunities that payers encounter in the realm of virtual-first care, and how can the industry collaborate with payers to overcome obstacles and maximize the benefits of virtual care?
  • Gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by a diverse panel of payers as they navigate the complexities of virtual-first care, offering a deeper understanding of their approaches and decision-making processes.
  • How can the healthcare ecosystem foster collaboration and innovation in payer-provider relationships to ensure that virtual-first care is not only financially viable but also aligned with the goals of both payers and healthcare providers?

Kara Ellinger, Staff Vice President, Commercial Product, Virtual Care, Anthem
Mary Dinnean, Corporate Strategy Consultant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer, AltaMed Health Services


End of Day 1 of Virtual-First Care West

Day Two | Wednesday 15th May
8:00am ET

Registration, Breakfast and Networking 

9:00am ET

Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Michael Levy, CEO, Digital Health Institute for Transformation 


Panel Deep Dive: Virtual-First Care in Women’s Health

Diving into a crucial topic – women’s health. This panel will hone in on how virtual-first care is being used in women’s health, and how we can create virtual-first care products that centre women in their care.

  • Explore how virtual-first care is currently being applied in women’s health, delving into innovative approaches and solutions that address the unique healthcare needs and experiences of women.
  • How can virtual-first care products be intentionally designed to center women in their healthcare experience, taking into account their specific health concerns, preferences, and access challenges?
  • Discover strategies proposed by industry leaders to advance women’s health within the realm of virtual-first care, providing actionable insights for stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Gain insights into the experiences and preferences of women utilizing virtual-first care, ensuring that the design and implementation of virtual care solutions align with the diverse needs and expectations of women across different demographics.

Erkeda DeRouen, Chief Medical Officer, Emme
Raysa Bousleiman,Vice President, Healthcare and Life Science Venture Capital Relationship Management, Silicon Valley Bank
Tracy Dooley,
Partner, Avestria Ventures 


Presentation Spotlight: Virtual Inpatient Monitoring 

  • Explore the latest advancements in virtual inpatient monitoring, focusing on how technology is transforming the landscape of acute and respiratory care within the Midwest healthcare system.
  • Delve into patient-centric strategies employed by virtual inpatient monitoring systems to enhance the quality of care and ensure optimal outcomes for patients undergoing acute and respiratory treatments.
  • Assess the broader impact of virtual inpatient monitoring on healthcare delivery, considering how these innovations contribute to improved patient experiences, enhanced clinical outcomes, and the overall efficiency of healthcare systems.

Cindy Welsh, Vice President, System TeleAcute and Respiratory Care – MidWest, Advocate Health


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Presentation: Utilizing AI and Extended Reality for Virtual Care

  • Insights into Cedars-Sinai XR/AI therapist on Apple’s Vision Pro and its ability to help hospitalized patients
  • A discussion on considerations and sensitivities when creating the XR/AI therapist, patient feedback, and hurdles in deploying the tech in a complicated hospital system
  • Exploring ethical and safety concerns for providers and patients when using XR/AI tech for treatment

Omer Liran, Co-Director, Cedars-Sinai Virtual Medicine


Three Stances on AI – An assistant, a Replacement and a Harm

During this session three individuals will speak on their stance on AI’s role in care and virtual-first care. Each individual will present for 5 minutes. There will then be 20 minutes of questions from the moderator, and 10 minutes of audience Q&A. Finishing up with an audience vote. 

  • Broadly, how do you see AI as fitting into healthcare? Is this an exciting new promise that could replace care, something merely we will use as an assistant, or something we should be cautious of?
  • How are physicians looking at AI? 
  • Trust – is AI able to achieve patient trust?

Geoffrey Rutledge, Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder, HealthTap
Sheena Franklin, Founder & CEO, K’ept Health

Speaker TBA


Closing Panel Discussion: Innovative Routes & Partnerships in Virtual-First Care – Building Seamless and Sustainable Solutions Across Industries 

This panel closing off the summit will take an important look at cross-industry collaboration. Looking at how we can work across different stakeholder groups to ensure virtual-first care continues to become a convenient and high quality approach to care for patients. 

  • Examine innovative routes and partnerships that span across various industries, fostering collaboration among different stakeholder groups to ensure the continuous evolution of virtual-first care as a convenient and high-quality approach to patient care.
  • How can interdisciplinary partnerships be leveraged to create seamless virtual-first care solutions that integrate expertise from diverse industries, ensuring a holistic and patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery?
  • Discuss strategies for building sustainable virtual-first care solutions that can withstand evolving challenges, technological changes, and shifting healthcare landscapes, providing enduring benefits for both providers and patients.
  • Explore how cross-industry collaborations in virtual-first care can prioritize and enhance the patient experience, ensuring that solutions are not only convenient and high-quality but also consistently focused on meeting the diverse needs of patients across different sectors.

Rory Farrand, Vice President, Palliative and Advanced Care, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization  
Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, Co-founder & CEO, Paloma Health
Zach Hochstetler, Vice President of Coding & Payment, American Medical Association
Randy Forman, Chief Commercial Officer, Oshi Health 


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Michael Levy, CEO, Digital Health Institute for Transformation