Virtual-First Care Summit 2023

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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, June 28th 2023
Wednesday, June 28th 2023
8:00am PT

Registration, Breakfast and Networking


9:00am PT

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures

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9:10am PT

Keynote Panel Discussion: Diving Straight In…The Future of Virtual-First Care

Continuously looking to the future and strategic thinking will be key in ensuring Virtual-First Care becomes a sustainable and longstanding approach to care. How can we keep our eye on the ball and ensure implementing solutions for the future becomes a core focus when developing the Virtual-First model of care.

  • What are the key challenges in implementing Virtual-First Care long term? How can we strategize to overcome these challenges? 
  • How can Virtual-First Care better integrate itself into the U.S Healthcare system?
  • What policy changes are needed to enable thorough integration of Virtual-First into the healthcare system?
  • What 3 things would each panellist suggest we focus on to ensure Virtual-First Care can become a longstanding and sustainable approach to care?

Adam Myers, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, Babylon 
Chevon Rariy, Venture Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures
John Mattison,
Former Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente 

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9:50am PT

Panel Discussion: Understanding the Versatility of Virtual-First Care

This panel discussion will explore the various health areas which Virtual-First Care can treat and look at the versatility within care that Virtual-First care provides in comparison to more traditional models of care. 

  • How are Virtual-First Care companies being innovative in treating a breadth of healthcare disorders through using Virtual-First Care? 
  • How can Virtual-First Care enable greater flexibility not just for the patients, but for providers and payers as well? 
  • How do Virtual-First Care models show versatility in terms of how they can adapt to each patient and provide more holistic care?

Sam Holliday, Co-founder & CEO, Oshi Health 
Susan Conover, Co-founder & CEO, Piction Health 
Jill FitzGerald, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Confidant Health 
Marina Tarasova, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Paloma Health
Quentin Soulet de Brugière,
Co-founder & CEO, Dreem 

10:30am PT

Morning Break, Refreshments & Speed Networking

The Patient’s Perspective in Virtual-First Care 

11:25am PT

Stories from the Front Line: 3 Patient Perspective’s on Virtual-First Care 

During this session, 3 patients will present their experiences with using Virtual-First Care and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions to the patients about their experience using Virtual-First Care. 

Moderator: Joe Connolly, Co-founder & CEO, Visana Health 

12:05pm PT

Panel Discussion: Co-Creating an Excellent Patient Experience 

This panel will discuss how we can understand and strategize around the patient’s challenges with utilizing this relatively new model of care. Focusing on how we can ensure patient’s contributions and feedback is collected in the most meaningful way, to ensure all patient’s experiences are considered when developing Virtual-First Care. 

  • How are patient’s and caregiver’s feedback being integrated into Virtual-First Care Development? How can we be innovative on how we source this feedback and ensure the feedback we collect is reflective of the experience of all patient populations?
  • Which patients find using Virtual First Care the most challenging, and how can we innovate around these challenges to ensure Virtual-First Care can be an effective and easy model for all? For example with more senior patients. 
  • How can we ensure the care team supports the patient and their caregiver throughout their journey?
  • How can we ensure that clinicians are comfortable with using Virtual-First Care and can use this model in a way that aids them in building relationships with their patient?

Sheena Franklin, Founder & CEO, K’ept Health
Kristin Dean,
Medical Director, Clinical Education & Quality, Included Health 
Lisa LaCarrubba,
Medical Director,CloseKnit Health 
Seth Staton,
Head of Clinical Programs & Innovation, Walgreens
Geri Lynn Baumblatt,
Chief Engagement Officer, Docola & Co-Founder, Difference Collaborative Alliance 

12:45pm PT

Lunch and Networking

2:00pm PT

Interactive Round Tables

During these intimate breakout sessions, attendees will discuss the key questions surrounding Virtual-First Care. Through deep-dive discussions, examples and peer-to-peer learning, these interactive sessions will allow attendees to uncover answers to questions that are not possible through presentations and panels. The topics in session A and B will remain the same; giving you the opportunity to participate in two sessions.

Round Table 1 - Clinical Quality and Outcomes, led by DiMe

More information and moderators TBA

Round Table 2 - How to Successfully Build a Virtual-First Care Model (Start Up Competition)

This workshop will offer Virtual-First Care Start-Ups the opportunity to present to a multi-stakeholder audience on their biggest challenges facing their company. In this workshop the audience will have the opportunity to work together to grapple on these commonly experienced challenges and provide feedback to the Start-Ups. 


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2:45pm PT

Time to Swap!

Round Table 2 - How to Successfully Build a Virtual-First Care Model (Start Up Competition)

This workshop will offer Virtual-First Care Start-Ups the opportunity to present to a multi-stakeholder audience on their biggest challenges facing their company. In this workshop the audience will have the opportunity to work together to grapple on these commonly experienced challenges and provide feedback to the Start-Ups. 

 To enter please email

Round Table 1 - Clinical Quality and Outcomes, led by DiMe

More information and moderators TBA

3:30pm PT

Afternoon Break and Refreshments

4:10pm PT

Panel Discussion: Hybrid Care – The Integration between Virtual and In-Person Care 

This panel will discuss the current challenges in the integration between Virtual and In Person Visits, looking at how we can measure the quality of care between the two as well as ensure a seamless handoff in the integration of the two.

  • How can we enable a more seamless data exchange between virtual and traditional care whilst being cautious of the issues that surround data privacy/sharing?
  • As the Public Health Emergency comes to an end, what does this mean for providers and the waivers they currently have in place to utilize virtual-first care?  
  • How can Virtual-First Care Companies and healthcare systems successfully partner with one another? And Virtual-First Care Companies + Payers?

Grace Noboa-Hidalgo, Director, Product Innovation, Walgreens Health Clinical Trials, Walgreens
Sean Mehra,
Founder & CEO, HealthTap 
Brian Wheeler,
 Vice President, Provider Collaboration & Network Transformation, CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield 
Sameer Berry
, Chief Medical Officer, Oshi Health

4:50pm PT

Case Study Presentation: Virtual-First Care Lessons from Europe

How is the European Healthcare system adjusting to the Virtual-First Model of Care, and what lessons can the US take from the European adoption of this.

 Benjamin Vandendriessche, Chief Medical Officer, Byteflies 

5:15pm PT

Panel Discussion: Reimbursement for Virtual-First Care 

The business of reimbursement for Virtual-First Care still remains very complex. As we come out of the public health emergency, there is ambiguity as to which waivers are ending or staying in place. How can we prepare for the future when reimbursing for Virtual-First Care models?

  • What are the current payer strategies in adopting virtual first care?
  • A lot of issues are still persisting with regards to using codes for reimbursing for Virtual-First Care? What are these issues, who are they most affecting and what is needed to turn this around?
  • How can we innovate around reimbursement policies for Virtual-First Care? In particular, how can we provide more specialized reimbursement for Virtual-First Care solutions?

Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Inc
Nina Birnbaum, Medical Director, Innovation Acceleration, Blue Shield of California
Benjamin Vandendriessche
Chief Medical Officer, Byteflies

5:55pm PT

Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Day 1

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures

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6:00pm PT

Takeda Digital Ventures Drinks Reception

A 1.5 hours drinks reception hosted by Takeda Digital Ventures. 

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Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, June 29th 2023
Thursday, June 29th 2023
8:00am PT

Registration, Breakfast and Networking 

9:00am PT

Chair’s Opening Remarks 


Presentation: Reimbursement in Virtual-First Care – Navigating the Business of Coding

Lucia Savage, Chief Privacy and Regulatory Officer, Omada Health


9:30am PT

Panel Discussion: Adoption – How are Healthcare Systems Beginning to Adopt Virtual-First Care?

This panel will hone in on how healthcare system providers are adopting the virtual-first model of care into their systems, and examine the problems which come with embedding this new model of care into traditional brick and mortar systems.  

  • What progress has there been in harmonizing in-person care with virtual-first care? What progress is there still to be made?
  • Fragmentation remains a key challenge as we introduce virtual care into traditional care settings, how can we navigate this challenge and mitigate fragmentation?
  • What are the largest challenges for providers as they transition into a more virtual mode of care? Who can assist providers in this transition and how?
  • How are providers strategizing for the shift to virtual care? 

Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer,Highmark Inc
Siva Nadarajah,
Co-founder & President, JOGO Health

10:05am PT

Panel Discussion hosted by Awell: Using CareOps to Win

The combination of cost pressures, labour shortages and the rise of physician burnout make one thing clear: current healthcare workflows are driving us straight into the wall. If healthcare organizations want to succeed, they need to find ways to redesign workflows from the ground up. Successful companies will be those that can figure out how to scale and continuously improve their clinical workflows faster, and better, than their competitors. As with everything, embracing an agile mindset when it comes to clinical workflows comes with specific challenges. Luckily, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can learn from others who have charted the path before us. That’s why Awell’s Co-founder and CEO Thomas Vande Casteele will host a panel together with industry leaders who already have seen (and overcome) common challenges when it comes to building and adopting a CareOps mindset within their organization

Moderator: Thomas Vande Casteele, Co-Founder & CEO, Awell
Ellen Su, Chief Product Officer, Wellinks
More speakers TBA

Awell Health System Status Status - Uptime History


10:45am PT

Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking 

11:30am PT

Fireside Chat: The Expanding Virtual-First Ecosystem 

There has been a proliferation of new entrants venturing into the Virtual-First care ecosystem, such as retailers and big tech companies. This panel will discuss how the emergence of these companies in virtual-first can embed themselves successfully into the Virtual-First Care system.  

  • How is the technology infrastructure of companies outside of the main healthcare ecosystem set up to provide Virtual-First Care?
  • How can the involvement of retailers and big tech companies help build sustainability for the virtual first care industry? 
  • How can companies, traditionally not embedded within the healthcare system, partner effectively with payers and other virtual first care providers effectively?

Melissa Swoope, Director, Walmart Healthcare Research Institute, Walmart
Harry Saag, National Medical Director, Virtual Care, Walgreens Health

12:05pm PT

Panel Discussion: Investor Panel – Ticking the Boxes for Investment within Virtual-First Care

This session will focus on the crucial question of what investors are looking for from companies to invest in Virtual-First Care.

  • How has the investment landscape in Virtual-First Care changed in the last year? What is the appetite for investment in Virtual-First Care now that this model of care has been around for some years? 
  • What was the last investment you made in Virtual-First Care and why?
  • What business models are resonating with investors at the moment?
  • What criteria do you look for when choosing to invest in a Virtual-First Care company?
  • What was the last investment you made in Virtual-First Care and why?
  • What key piece of information would each panelist give to Virtual-First Care companies looking to secure investment?

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures
Michelle Snyder, Partner,  McKesson Ventures
Dan Gebremedhin, Partner, Flare Capital Partners
Matthew Weinberg, Partner, Max Ventures
Matt Scholl,
Partner, Lemhi Ventures

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12:45pm PT

Panel Discussion: How can We Make Access to Virtual-First Care more Equitable?

This panel discussion will dive into Virtual-First Care’s role in improving access to care and will discuss how we can strategize to ensure access to Virtual-First Care can be improved and reach all populations. 

  • What long standing policies inhibit / may be a detriment to accessing virtual-first care?
  • What have been and continue to be the main barrier to accessing virtual-first care? Which strategies have worked in overcoming these barriers? And which barriers still require innovative solutions?
  • How can we, as professionals, more closely engage with communities to provide high quality and accessible virtual-first care?
  • Who are the target users for Virtual-First Care and are we missing people? How can we ensure Virtual-First healthcare expands across all ethnic and social determinants?

Adimika Arthur, Executive Director, HealthTech for Medicaid 
Tracy Rico, Director, Virtual Care Services at Superior HealthPlan, Centene Corporation 
Vijay Patel, Co Founder & Partner CVS Health Ventures, CVS Health
Madeleine Livingstone, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Thirty Madison


1:30pm PT

Chairs Closing Remarks & End of the Virtual-First Care West Summit 

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